Where can I buy a fishing license?

Fishing licenses can now be purchased on line by visiting odfw.huntfishoregon.com. Fishing licenses are also available at most hardware or outdoor stores.  You can also purchase your license at most Fred Meyer or Bi-Mart stores, including those in and Coos Bay.

Is alcohol permitted on board?

You are welcome to bring beer or wine, but no liquor please. For the comfort and safety of all guests, please limit alcohol consumption during the trip to a reasonable amount. Marijuana or illegal drugs are NOT ALLOWED at any time on our vessels.  We reserve the right to refuse boarding to intoxicated passengers.

Can I bring my own fishing gear?

All the necessary fishing gear is provided for you.  If you would like to bring your own gear, please talk to us prior to the date of your reservation.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not allowed in the cabin.  Smoking may be permitted on deck if agreed upon by all passengers and done so in a way to minimize other passengers exposure to smoke.

I have a health condition, can I participate?

Fishing on the Oregon Coast requires general good health and fitness. Waters can be rough at times with the potential for repetitive jarring motions aboard the vessel. If you have any of the following conditions (or any health condition not listed), please get permission from your physician before booking any trip:

  • Heart condition

  • Bad back

  • Recent surgery

  • Injuries to back, shoulder, hip, or knee

  • Conditions that limit mobility (including excessive weight)

  • Vertigo

We do not recommend participating if you are pregnant. 

It is especially important that all those participating in Tuna trips be in good physical health.

We do reserve the right to refuse service if we believe it could be unsafe or unwise for a particular person to participate in a trip.

Should I tip the crew?

Tipping is not required or expected.  If you enjoyed the trip you are welcome to provide a tip. 

Will I get sea sick?

You may get seasick.    If you get carsick you may be more likely to experience seasickness.  If you think you are likely to get sick, you can take medication such as Dramamine or Bonine the night before the trip, and again in the morning at least 1 hr before your trip (follow dosing instructions on package). There are also non-pharmaceutical options such as jicama or 7-up/Sprite/Ginger ale.  

We have found that eating a light breakfast also helps (for example higher protein, low starch choices such as eggs).

Is there a bathroom (head) on board?

There is a 'porta potty' in the lower berthing area.

How do I get my fish cleaned?

Fish cleaning facilities are available at the dock.  If you would like us to clean your fish for you, we can generally do this for a fee.  We can provide you with the contact information for fish cleaning services and/or make arrangements for you.  Please speak with the captain about your preference when making your reservation.